Prometheus Logger

This driver is for integrating with the Prometheus Monitoring system & time series database.

It will log device events and create a metrics endpoint that Prometheus can scrape to build dashboards based on your Control4 system.

It is VERY simple and shouldn’t impact the performance of Control4 at all.

To get started - simply install the driver. The driver will freeze your Control4 system for a couple seconds while it is querying your devices.

To make sure it is...

Download: Prometheus.Logger.c4z
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Realtime Event Webhook driver

Update 11/22

This driver is a simple realtime event webhook driver.

It will register events for lighting, thermostat, motion, locks, and fans. When an event occurs, it will send an event notification via webhook with all of the relevant variables associated with that event and device.

The best part is that it does it via internal events and doesn’t require polling. This should be better for Control4 and be much more performant. It also allows the events to execute the...

Download: realtime-event-webhook.c4z
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