Prometheus Logger

This driver is for integrating with the Prometheus Monitoring system & time series database.

It will log device events and create a metrics endpoint that Prometheus can scrape to build dashboards based on your Control4 system.

It is VERY simple and shouldn’t impact the performance of Control4 at all.

To get started - simply install the driver. The driver will freeze your Control4 system for a couple seconds while it is querying your devices.

To make sure it is working, You can test this by opening up: http://yourcontrollerip:9145 in a browser. You should see something like this:

# HELP motion help
# TYPE motion gauge

motion{roomName="roomName",deviceName="deviceName",state="state"} 0
# HELP blind help
# TYPE blind gauge

blind{roomName="roomName",deviceName="deviceName",state="state"} 0
# HELP lock help
# TYPE lock gauge

lock{roomName="roomName",deviceName="deviceName",state="state"} 0

Once you have confirmed that the driver is working - You can move on to getting the metrics into prometheus.


To set up Prometheus to use your Control4 system as an endpoint, you will need to add this to the scrape_configs: section of your prometheus.yml

- job_name: 'control4'
  honor_labels: true
    - targets: ['IP_OF_YOUR_CONTROL4:8082']
  metrics_path: /

Once this is set up - check in the targets section of your Prometheus instance and see if it shows up.

It should look like this:

Once that is A-OK you can start incorporating your Control4 metrics into however you use Prometheus.

There are seven types of metrics that you can track:

You can query any number of queries based on these metrics.

For example:

Here is a Prometheus query for light{roomName="Office"} and a graph for light{roomName="Office", state="LIGHT_LEVEL"}

Prometheus is good for testing queries and what not - but Grafana works as an amazing dashboard.


Here are some examples of using Grafana:

Individual lights

All Lights currently on in a graph

OS Sensors


Doors and Alarm zones

As you can see - there is a lot of potential with tracking values coming directly off of Control4.

Let me know how this driver works for you.

Getting help

This should be pretty straight forward - but if you are looking for more help - feel free to ping me on email, c4forums or reddit.

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